So i have this giant pencil right


I think we all know where this is going.


the amount of people saying that they were expecting me to shove it up my ass is alarming

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*tap dances over to u* bitch do we have a problem

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friend: i’m getting mcdonalds you want anything?

me: i don’t have money

friend: it’s all good, i’ll pay




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if i ever got sentenced to house arrest i’d just laugh at the judge

But then in that situation, you wouldn’t. Because you would have to have done some crimes, leaving the house constantly to declare that. So you don’t really spend time at home…

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do u consider me a friend too or am i annoying: the movie

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*blogs the pain away*

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you know when you try to keep yourself from sounding disappointed and then your voice does the wobbly thing and fuCK

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You really can’t argue with these results. My skin just looks over all healthier and more vibrant! I cannot say enough good things about this serum. I have noticed that if I have even the smallest blemish, this serum kicks it in the butt and off my face. I mean how cool is that?

This went from a totally unknown brand, that I really had my doubts about, to a MUST HAVE in my life.  While I would admit that in the right photo I have a bit of cosmetics on my face, you can’t deny with the results. My face is simply a different face. A fresher face for sure! If you are looking for a serum to add your routine, I highly recommend this one. Once you approach 20’s, I believe it is time to really start thinking about an anti-aging skin routine. I am so glad I started one.

Give it a try! You don’t have to buy it, if you feel it doesn’t work for you. 

Get your FREE trial bottle here (They can ship internationally)

I saw this on my dash 2 weeks ago so I figured why the fuck not, it’s just $5 for the shipping.

Here are my results so far:


I sometimes don’t even feel the need to work on my eyes when going out, and that saves me quite a ton of money as I used to spend a lot on make up for my eyes alone.

And most importantly, it made me feel like I have a brand new face after using it for only 3 weeks & is now a part of my daily routine 

Without a doubt, the best thing I ever bought with just $5.

Will try keep you guys updated x

im from hk & mine is coming in 2 weeks !!  cant wait !! 

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a thrilling story of hope, heartache and success 

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i am really upset that i cant imagine colors that dont exist

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the new slogan for tumblr.com

i will not rest until this gets a million notes

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